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Crocodile: Reception

Planting our Broad Bean plants in Forest School

Creating our nature pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Some photos of our animal visitors during English week...

As part of our animal themed English week, Crocodile Class had some furry and feathery friends visiting us to inspire our speaking and listening activities and our chicken fact writing. The children talked about what the animals looked like, what sounds they made and how they moved. They even pretended to be them!  We also thought carefully about how different and similar the chickens and the ducks were; they noticed that the animals made different sounds and had different feet because of the way that they moved.  The children also loved the pet rabbit who had very soft fur. We realised that all the animals needed food to eat and water to drink and that we had to speak and move quietly when we were around them.

Police Visit our EYFS Unit - Tuesday 2nd May 2017


What an amazing experience our nursery and reception children encountered in the morning of Tuesday 2nd May, when PC Jim Murray from Avon and Somerset Police came to visit with a car and a van. The children were able to ask questions about the police and find out lots of information about the Police service and what they do.  Jim explained that being a policeman was not all about catching the 'bad guys' but also that they help us in all sorts of different ways.  The children learnt that the police help find people that have got lost and gone missing, they help control crowds at football matches and music concerts, they help if there has been a car crash and they go to schools and other community groups sharing what they do.


The children had great fun setting of the sirens and flashing lights in the van and car, sitting inside the vehicles, pretending to be a police officer with the riot shields, and exploring all their equipment - the handcuffs were most popular!


We would like to thank the police for sparing us the time and also the children who as usual behaved beautifully and listened really carefully to all that was said.

Summer Term


This term our topic is Ground Air Water. We have had a great start to term where we have begun learning through our Talk for Writing approach, the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We have already drawn pictures of the story and written the story in our play. We have also written a character description about Jack and have written a letter to the giant pretending to be Jack asking the giant a question and telling him something interesting. Role play has been a great way for us to learn the story too, acting it out with our story maps and creating small world scenes of the story.


Linking with this story and our topic we have begun germinating bean seeds in a glass, (where we can see the roots and stalk being formed) and have decorated terracotta pots to plant them in. We will hopefully measure the plants as they grow.


Later on in the term we will be exploring what goes on underground, on the ground, in the air, on the water and under the water.


Watch this space for more information....

Picture 1

Spring Term Update: What did we get up to last term?


What a fun packed term we had with our Bear Topic. We learnt two stories by heart in our Talk for Write approach, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', the first of which we performed to our parents in our Spring Term Stay and Play Session. We made our own books and rewrote the story of' Goldilocks' which we proudly shared with our parents at The Great Exhibition towards the end of term. We also learnt a poem as part of the whole Schools' Poetry Slam in March, 'When Goldilocks went to the House of the Bears', which we performed enthusiastically during a school assembly.

Spelling skittles has taken off and every morning during our register we are practicing writing our high frequency words - this had meant that we have become more fluent spellers in our independent writing.

Junk modelling has taken off and we have been building all sorts of things, from trains to caterpillars to jewellery and hair accessories. The latter was probably inspired by our 'Crocs Hair Salon' in our role play area which has given a new meaning to customer service - teas and coffees a plenty!

We have also been enjoying the challenges of APE in Maths, which is focusing our learning on answering problems, proving them and explaining our thinking. We use all sorts of resources to help us, from objects around the room, number lines, our big hundred square and bead strings.


We are really looking forward to our next topic this Summer Term: 'Ground, Air and Water'. We have already planted our 'chitted' potatoes which we hope will survive over the school holidays!

Picture 1


Happy New Year!  We have had an excellent start to the year. The children have been very busy in class and have been particularly impressive during their play showing fantastic independent writing. They are experimenting with the sounds they are learning by labelling pictures, writing sentences about their pictures and even writing stories!  Today one of the children counted to 100 with the help of a hundred square and another built a tower very carefully as tall as himself - without knocking it over!


Image result for bears 



We have started our topic on bears and are beginning to learn new facts. We are creating a word bank to increase our vocabulary of all the new words that we come across about bears in stories, fact files and other research resources. The children decided that they would like to make bear masks, which has been a great activity to find out and investigate the different ways to join materials.  We have been using staplers, hole punches, glue and sticky tape.


Watch this space for photos of us in our bear masks.............

Our first 'Stay and Play' session!

Crocodile Class's first 'Play and Stay' session.


On Friday we had our first parents/family 'Stay and Play' session in Crocodile Class. We started our day by singing our 'Good Morning' song to everyone in the room. After taking the register and testing our brain with a number problem, all the adults that came to our session joined in our Wake and Shake!  We had great fun warming up our shoulders, elbows and fingers ready for our name writing activity. After that we went to play. Fun in the sand and balancing  proved to be the most popular areas where we were making different letters, building various sized 'houses' and challenging ourselves not to fall off the beams!


We hope that today proved a valuable opportunity for our parents and other family members to see how settled the children are in school and how we are learning through play.  These sessions, we hope, will help to forge our parent partnership and give you the opportunity to ask any questions or share with us your children's progress at home as well as at school.


Many thanks for coming!  Emily Omell and Tracy Upsall

Welcome to Crocodile Class!      

STOP PRESS NEWS!  Over the summer holidays the workman have been very busy and our new outdoor learning area has been completed.  We now have grass(artificial), more room to explore, exciting new features and lots of different resources. There is a new mud kitchen, a larger sandpit (soon to be completed), pulley systems to work out and a lock board to name just a few features! In addition to this, we now have a corridor link to the Nursery outdoor area enabling us to have some shared learning experiences together.


The first half of term will be spent settling in to school life, becoming aware of the new school routine and rules and what makes a happy, exciting and creative classroom.  Lots of fun activities will be introduced including our disco dough time and plenty of games that will help us learn where to find for ourselves all the things that we need in our play. 


Our topic this term is All About Me: we will be learning about our bodies, keeping healthy, our senses, our day and night (understanding routines in a day and the differences between day and night time),our homes and different cultural celebrations including Diwali and Christmas.


Watch this space for our settling in photos and more news about what we have been doing.........


Mrs Omell and Mrs Upsall

Picture 1

Please see pictures of last years learning (when we were named Conker Class).

Image result for conker pictures      Welcome to Conker Class     


Summer Term:

This term our topic is Animals. We are going to find out lots of facts on animals at home, wild animals, farm animals, animal patterns, Noah's Ark, life cycles and dinosaurs! We have started off our topic with a trip to Bristol Zoo - check out the photos below. Our Talk 4 Write story at the beginning of term is Walking Through the Jungle by Julie Lacome. The children have had great fun acting out the story and pretending to be the different animals.  We will be writing stories, making masks and all sorts of other fun activities that the children decide to do!


In Maths, we have started learning about time and sequencing events and stories. We will be continuing with our counting on and back in 1s, 10s and 5s, adding and subtracting two groups and lots of problem solving. 


We have also had our first swimming session this term. This was great fun and all the children absolutely loved sharing the experience of swimming with the whole class! 


Conker Class will be representing Nigeria in the school's Olympics Sports Day.  As part of our research on Nigeria, Carla's dad Tommy visited the class to tell us all about Nigeria. We learnt about how the different climate in Africa meant that in Nigeria there were deserts and jungles. He told us all about the animal and plant life and the children were able to ask lots of questions that they had about the Nigerian people, their houses and clothes. We also found out that the Nigerian flag has two main colours; green that represents the trees and vegetation and white for peace. Tommy brought along his drums and we had fun dancing to the beat and even having a go ourselves. We learnt that drums are used as a form of communication in the villages when mobile phones are not around.  Conker Class would like to say a huge thank you to Tommy as now we know much more about Nigeria and will have great fun wearing the Nigerian colours on sports day!

What a wonderful day Conker Class had at Bristol Zoo on Thursday 13th April. We went on a coach with Willowdown Reception Class and shared a fantastic time seeing lots of different animals. We got to hold Hissing Cockroaches and had a close up encounter with a Giant Thorny Stick Insect and a Chilean Rose Tarantula. We learnt lots of amazing facts about mini beasts, especially that they have no bones and that they can live on land and in the sea - even a jelly fish is a mini beast! It was a lovely sunny day and so we had a picnic lunch on the grass  and surprisingly caught a glimpse of Prince Edward and his family! A big thank you must go to our parent helpers, Miss Scone and Miss Stedman.

Spring Term Conker Class


This Spring term's topic was Journeys. We started our topic by sharing journeys that we have all been on. Some of us have been as far afield as Italy and some of us have talked about our journeys to the park and shops. We have explored lots of different types of transport; making models, creating maps of our local area, drawn pictures of different vehicles and role-played all sorts of journeys. We have even been investigating why boats float and airplanes fly and have worked out lots of similarities and differences. At the end of the day we have listened to lots of different stories that have journeys in them; like Handa's Surprise and Small. In class we have learnt The Gingerbread Man in our Talk4write sessions. What marvellous actors we have in Conker Class! 


In maths we  had great fun exploring number in lots of different ways. Our class 'Toy Shop' allowed us to explore money. There was lots of excitement when we were looking at measuring objects of different lengths. We measured ourselves - and found out how we were different and compared our own height to our friend's height. Outside we have been timing ourselves in various obstacle course races using stopwatches and sand timers.


Throughout all of our learning we are remembering our Core Learning Skills. With Learning and Performance this term, we have been focusing on Keeping Going. We know that we have to keep trying if we find things tricky. It's not 'I can't do it' .... It's 'I can't do it yet, but I will keep trying!' There have been lots of examples of this and we are proud that we keep going!


Mrs Omell, Miss Marsh and Mrs Upsall




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