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History Week - Dinosaurs in Crocodile Class!


As the children have shown a great interest in dinosaurs since they started school, we decided to learn all about them in History Week. We shared the facts we knew: "They got killed by a big rock in the sky" was one fact. "They eat meat and knock buildings down!"  By being historians we used books and the internet to find out all about dinosaurs.  We discovered that there were no human beings and therefore buildings when the dinosaurs were around millions of years ago and lots of other interesting information.  This week we have gone on a dinosaur hunt where we counted and compared the different amounts of dinosaurs we found. We have also made dinosaur masks, drawings and rubbings of these exciting creatures. And of course we have read lots of dinosaur stories including Bumpus, Jumpus, Dinosaurumpus, Harry and the Dinosaurs goes to School and Dinosaur Dreams.

Some of us even dressed up as dinosaurs!

Some of us even dressed up as dinosaurs! 1

Music Box visit Crocodile Class - November 2017

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We have had an enormous amount of fun with Music Box. Our visitors Sharon and Peter have captured the children's imagination, by using a variety of sounds to enthral and excite our minds. The children have loved learning about musical instruments and how to play them to help remember and illustrate a story. We have used chimes, bells, drums, our voice, and many other instruments to represent different animals in the story about a goat and his adventures on a farm.


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Court Farm Class Trip - Tuesday 17th October

We have had the most wonderful day at Court Farm. In school the children have shown a keen interest in animals and with our topic 'Autumn' we have been learning about Harvest time and what that means.  So we thought it would be a great experience to visit a farm and see for ourselves at first hand what farming was all about.  Farmer Ed showed us around the farm, introducing us to all of the animals - we even got too heard the goats out to their field, feed the noisy piglets some apples, give the calves some had and feed the lambs their milk!  By looking at the goats feed we found out about what crops had been harvested to make it.  Fun times were had by all when we weighed a lamb and compared its weight of 24 kilos against our individual weight (we had to climb into the special animal scales cage to do this - see the photos below!) We had to estimate whether we would be heavier or lighter.  Some of us weighed around 15 kilos and some of us up to 22 kilos - so we were all lighter than the lamb (adults not included!).


In the afternoon we went on an exciting tractor ride where we saw the bull, cows and calves and a few sheep in the field and had some play time at the different play areas.


WE HAD SO MUCH FUN and learnt a huge amount too. 

Our Tractor Ride

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Autumn 2017


Welcome to the new crocodiles at Woolavington Primary School. The first week has been wonderful, watching the children settling in and making new friends.  They are already nice and settled, which has shown that the transition has worked well!  We have begun our topic about Autumn and have shared what we already know and what we would like to find out about.  The children seem very keen on anything to do with farms, which ties in nicely with learning about Harvest time.  So we are know in the midst of booking a class trip to a working farm to find out more!


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Picture 1

Our first class photo!

Our first class photo! 1

Our Elephant Ear Listening Walk!

We used our elephant listening ears to help us learn about the different areas of the school. On our walk we found out where all the classrooms were, the library, the research hub, the school hall and school office. We even discovered where Mr Jacksons's office was and went to say hello!  On the way we met different teachers and told them our names and had a cuddle with the Attendance Bear in the hall.

Having fun singing Row, Row the Boat and joining in the Hokey Cokey and Farmers in the Den!

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