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Lion: Year 5/6


2016 - 2017

We are a mixed Y5/6 Class and there are 28 of us.

Our Teacher is Miss Ellis.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Tiyar and Mrs Green.

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Friday 3oth June - Sports Day (Morning + Picnic Lunch)

Wednesday 5th July - Thursday 6th July - Y6 Chilton Transition Days

Wednesday 5th July - Y6 Haygrove Transition Day

Friday 7th July - Summer Fair - 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Tuesday 11th July - Y6 Prom & Disco

Friday 14th July - Lion Class Play - 1.45 pm and 6.30 pm

Wednesday 19th July - Y6 Leavers Assembly - 2.15 pm






Poetry Slam

On Tuesday 6th June, a group of us travelled to Dillington to take part in a Poetry Slam! We had prepared and rehearsed the poem 'Its a Rap' by Tony Mitton - including learning it off by heart. We had a great time and Mr Jackson said our performance was the best!





See the photograph below to find out who is our Friday 9th June 2017 Lion Class 'Star of the Week' heart 

Picture 1

... and a huge well done to Scarlett for working so hard to use speaking and listening skills to contribute excellent ideas to class discussions. Congratulations!



This Summer Term 2, our Topic is: Do we make the most of what’s right on our doorstep?

During this Topic we will learn about different types of plants—their functions and their life-cycles. We will also explore classification, and pollination. In addition, we will learn about food chains. We plan to use the school grounds to facilitate our learning and also for growing and harvesting our own plants. We are aiming to use the Forest School area to investigate how humans can impact on the natural environment.

All of our Topic work will be closely linked to our class novel: 'The Hatchet' by Gary Paulson. We will use this novel to further develop our reading for understanding skills and to extend our grammar and writing skills, including news reports, recounts, descriptive writing, explanations and persuasive texts.

Y6 Homework & Y5 Home Learning Challenge

Y6 Lions receive Homework Tasks on a weekly basis - one piece of Maths and one piece of English. Homework is issued on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Friday.

Please find the Y5 Home Learning Challenge below. Please ensure Homework is returned by the last Friday before the end of term.

Physical Education

PE is on Thursday afternoon. This Term we are doing Tennis & Athletics, so please make sure you have your PE kit in school on this day.

Weekly Spelling List

Our Weekly Spelling Test is on Friday and the new Weekly Spelling Lists will also be issued on Friday.

See below for a copy of this week's Spellings.

This week's (w.b. 12.06.17) are not available on the website, since the children selected their own spellings from a Topic Word List, and wrote them in their Spelling Books themselves!

Age Related Expected Standards for the End of KS2

Please see the DfE document below, to find out what the Expected Standards of Achievement are for Reading, Writing, Maths and Science, at the end of Year 6


Easter School!


Easter School!

Wednesday - Day 2 of Easter School - Here we are revising how to retrieve information from a text. Miss Ellis and Mr Jackson arranged a Reading Retrieval Competition. We had to order 15 events from Chapter 1 of Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. The prize for the fastest pair will be awarded tomorrow. Miss Ellis is going shopping in Bristol!

Afterwards, we played our daily game of Rounders. Kuda's team is now slightly ahead of Ashley's - the score standing at 17  to  14.5! I wonder which team will be the overall Champions? Sign in tomorrow to find out!


Thursday - Day 3 of Easter School - Today we revised our knowledge of square and cube numbers, synonyms and antonyms and we participated in a Maths Vocabulary Quiz - the winning pair will be announced on the first day of next term!

Also, we played our last rounds in the Rounders Championship! Unfortunately, although we all know that Miss Ellis is 'perfect', today she had a 'slightly imperfect' moment! Although, for most of the Championship, she was an impeccable umpire - on Day 3, she lost count of the rounds for each team and also we were stopped by the clock - so, although Miss Ellis declared Ashley's Team the winners, it seems more likely, that it was, in fact, a draw!

Well done, everyone, and special mention of excellent sporting performances from Ashley, Kuda and Will.

Comic Relief!

Today, we all dressed up and to raise money for charity, we worked in teams to solve riddles hidden around the school. Please see the photographs below.

The Highwayman visited Maths today!

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Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day!

We really enjoyed dressing up today as story-book characters!

During Assembly, some of our class told the rest of the school about our favourite books, we also did a 'guess the book quote' and some of our class performed an excerpt from a David Walliams novel. Please see some photos of our fun day below.

WW1 News Reports!

During Spring 1, Week 6, Lions wrote their own News Reports about the first use of tank warfare during WW1.

Please see Laila's fabulous, beautifully presented Report below.

Laila managed to include accurate historical and geographical details, as well as managing some complex tense changes and speech punctuation. Well done, Laila!

Picture 1

Class Trip to Bovington Tank Museum!

Just before Half Term, we visited Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset to find out about how WW1 resulted in changes to both the operation and the weapons of war.

Among many activities we enjoyed - special mention can be made of the following:

We were able to get inside a Mark IV Tank and listen to Gordon [a Tank expert] tell us all about the development of WW1 Tank warfare.

We also experienced what it was like to be in the trenches and Mya tried on a British Soldier's uniform.

Before we travelled to the Museum, we had worked in groups of 5 to create questions and answers for an interview for our WW1 News Report [about the first time tanks were used in combat]. So when we visited the War Horse exhibition, we were able to film ourselves as News Reporters interviewing the crew of the first Tank to be invented in 1915 - The Mark 1 Tank.

Please see some of our photographs below.


The Great War Debate

Towards the end of the Autumn Term 2016, Lion Class used their knowledge of persuasive writing and speaking to conduct a debate based on the subject of War. The Proposers argued that every country has the right to go to war if it so wishes, the Opposing side did everything they could to undermine the Proposal. In the end, the audience voted against war!

Picture 1 Lion Class War Debate Monday 12th December 2016

Children in Need Day!

​WVPS celebrated Children in Need Day by dressing up in 'spotty' clothes and joining in a whole school treasure hunt. Each team had to locate the 'spots' which were concealed all over the school. Each 'spot' was a different colour and contained a clue to a school staff member's identity! Children had to solve all the riddles to find all the staff!

Anti-Bullying Week!

This week was Anti-Bullying Week. Lions Class created a short dramatic piece to perform in Assembly. Unfortunately, the video is too large to upload to our Web Page - so please see the photographs below.

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​Y6 Camp, Black Rock Activity Centre September 2016!


21st September 2016


Day 1 on Y6 Camp!


We are all fast asleep now!


Miss Ellis is typing this short note to let you know we are all safe and sound after a fantastic first day.


Today we did rock climbing and caving. We all had a go at both activities. Even a serious downpour didn't spoil our fun - although the morning caving group had to exit the cave by climbing a steep, slippery slope that more resembled a waterfall than anything else! We didn't much like our unfashionable helmets but they did keep us safe and they also helped to keep our heads dry during the deluge!

One of the great things about our first day was how well everyone worked as a team. We helped each other with the ropes during rock climbing and offered moral support to each other during the caving experience too.

When we got to Hill House we found out who our room mates were and everyone was really pleased. After tea, we had time for a play in the grounds. Later, Miss Watton organised a game before hot chocolate and bed.


We went to sleep pretty quickly because we were all so tired.

Night night, sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


PS: Mrs Davenport was first to bed and fast asleep by 10.00 pm! We reckon it was due to exhaustion from her incredible rock climbing attempt, earlier in the day!

22nd September 2016


Day 2 on Y6 Camp!

The downside of falling asleep quickly is that you tend to wake up earlier! Our intrepid Campers were already lively by 6.00 am!
After making our own lunches, setting tables and devouring a breakfast of cereal, eggs, sausages and toast, we packed our bags with a second change of clothing [just in case we fell out of our kayaks] and set off for Black Rock Activity Centre.
Talk to you later. Have a good day everyone.

​Day 2 of Y6 Camp continued!

Day 2 was even better than Day 1!
We participated in three activities - kayaking, archery and high ropes. Every single one of us participated in each activity. We were split into three groups and each group had their own teacher and Black Rock instructor/s.
If any of us were nervous or anxious about any activity, then everyone rallied round to support and encourage. In this way, each of us achieved beyond our own expectations. At the end of the day, we had a chat together about our experiences over the last two days. We thought about something we were each proud of and then we thought about someone else in the group of whom we also felt proud. Sophie, one of our instructors, told us how pleased she was to have helped us to develop new skills. She praised our team-working too. Tomorrow, we are going to participate in a 'make your own raft' team competition. We are really looking forward to this challenge.


Most of us are now asleep - although apparently, Miss Ellis can still hear a few voices [- no names!] as she posts on our web page.
We hope you all sleep well and we are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Night night heart 

PS: You'll never guess who our surprise visitors were at tea time ...

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​23rd September 2016


Day 3 on Y6 Camp!


This morning, it is fair to say, that if Miss Ellis had not dragged us from our beds at 7.00 am, we'd probably still be snoring in them even now!


Today was the 'raft building challenge'!

When we arrived at the lake, Sophie suggested we split into 3 teams; however, Miss Ellis thought we were a bit too tired to have only 6 people to a team, so we decided to divide into two teams! Even though Sophie warned us that a girl/boy split might not be the best plan, we decided to go for it. The boys were extremely confident that they would beat the girls! The girls were extremely confident that they would beat the boys! 


This task was all about thinking skills, strength and team working.

See the photographs below and aim to decide for yourself which team was the winner!

​The end of Y6 Camp!

After all our hard work [and either a leisurely cruise on the lake or a severe soaking], we shared our last packed lunch at Black Rock Activity Centre and made our way back to school in time for Friday Celebration Assembly.
It remains for us to thank our teachers: Miss Watton, Mrs Davenport and Mrs Helsby - who gave up lots of their free time to look after us and keep us safe. 
And also, our instructors: Gof, Gillian, Mike and Sophie.
We had a fantastic time and we learned some great new life skills, including how important it is to work together to achieve a good outcome.


Y6 [and Miss Ellis] are signing out now. Have a great weekendsmiley

​Roald Dahl Day!


On Tuesday 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day by dressing up and spending the day doing activities related to his stories and characters.

We decided we love his books so much we wanted to use them to do some extreme reading!


Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Class Transition Day July 2016!


See below for photographs of our Lion Class Transition Day on 5th July 2016

Picture 1 Lion Class on Class Transition Day 5th July 2016
Picture 1 Poster Team Competition Transition Day 5th July
Picture 1 Poster Team Competition Transition Day 5th July
Picture 1 Poster Team Competition Transition Day 5th July
Picture 1 Poster Team Competition Transition Day 5th July
Picture 1 Team Building Activity Transition Day 5th July
Picture 1 Team Building Activity Transition Day 5th July
Picture 1 Team Building Activity Transition Day 5th July



Please see below for Willow Class Pages during academic year 2015 - 2016

Day 1 on Year 6 Camp

Today it rained. Heavily! However rain was never going to dampen our intrepid Year 6 and their spirit of adventure. The children divided into two groups and tried their hand at rock climbing and caving. As you can see from some of the photos this was not rock climbing for tots. This was challenging stuff! The two groups all showed amazing determination but a special mention goes to Ben and Jayden for demonstrating some excellent rock climbing raw talent. The Mendip cave system is extensive and eerily beautiful. Both groups were totally fearless and squeezed and squashed their way along narrow caverns and steep tunnelled passages. The team work and group care taken by all was exemplary. Tomorrow we will be on the high ropes, kayaking and developing archery skills...

Day 2 on Year 6 camp

Today the sun shone. Hurray!  Yesterday Year 6 were soaked but today they needed suntan cream. A lot of new skills were learned. Kaitlin and Ferne earned archery high score certificates and Skye excelled at her archery by scoring a bulls eye or "custard" on only her third attempt. Toby bravely volunteered to be the High rope guinea pig whilst Maddie, Shannon, Milly, Jayden and Matthew overcame their fears on the High wires whilst Alesha, Ben and Ferne climbed the wires like circus trapeze artists, We should also mention the amazing bravery of all the children who climbed the "big pole" and managed to stand on top. Well done Evelyn, Alesha, Ferne ,Toby, Ben, Oliver, Maddie and Matthew. Archie showed strength and determination in helping his team build a sea worthy raft and Chloe demonstrated fantastic team building skills. Everybody seems blissfully happy with Hill House accommodation, summed up this morning by Daisy, "I wish school could be here all the time".

Post Sats relaxation

Post Sats relaxation 1
Post Sats relaxation 2
Post Sats relaxation 3

Welcome to Willow - Year 5/6!


Our Topic this term is ‘Island Magic’.


We will be learning about islands all over the world – how they were formed and how life evolved upon them. We will also find out how humans can change an island’s natural environment to suit their own needs, including building homes, and developing infrastructure and services.


At the end of this Topic, each group will present their research of a chosen island to the rest of the class and participate in a whole class ‘Island’ quiz.


In English, our Class Novel is ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ by Michael Morpurgo. The novel is about a boy who travels half way around the world on his family’s yacht – unfortunately, after an accident at sea, he finds himself washed ashore on an apparently deserted island, with only his dog for company!


Towards the end of the Summer term, we will also be inviting you all to our production of ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. 2016 is the 400th anniversary of the great writer’s death and this is why we have chosen his last play to celebrate the end of our year in Willow Class. ‘The Tempest’ has an island setting, so it also connects to our Topic too.


Other things we are looking forward to this term are: Swimming on Wednesday afternoon at Chilton Trinity School, Cricket Coaching on Tuesday afternoon, Year 6 residential Camp at Black Rock Activity Centre and our Class Assembly.


This week, Year 6 have been very busy doing SATs. On Thursday, we celebrated the end of them, with an Athletics Tournament. On Friday afternoon, we had a film party to celebrate.


All of our Year 6 children will begin their preparations for transition to Secondary School very soon, with visits from their new teachers and transition days at their chosen schools.