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Lion: Year 6

heart Welcome to Lion Class heart

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Our Teacher is Miss Luker


We worked extremely hard during the Autumn term and have since continued with this through the start of Spring term.

We have contributed to and participated in many wonderful lessons activities and events over the last term, such as Science days, netball and football clubs, History day, football competitions, Great Exhibition, book fair and many more.



heart We follow our 3 Golden Rules:

1. Follow instructions straight away

2. Care for everyone and everything

3. Show respect and good manners at all times


We are also practicing Fantastic Walking when moving around the school no

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smileyCongratulations to Marshall, he is our 'Star of the Week!' for our first week back to school. He has been working extremely hard on his presentation meaning that his handwriting is much more neater and more fluent. Well done, Marshall! smiley




This half term, our Topic is 'Design and Technology - Fairground'.

Students will be recognising the importance of design and technology in our day to day life and comparing different forms of technology and their development over the years.


Core Learning Skills!

Each half term, every class in the school follow a specific area of core learning skills - this half term, we are focusing on learning how to become better learners. We will be discussing, role-playing and determining what things we could do in order to improve the way we learn.



We are continuing our two lessons a week in PE this term. Our main focus for this half term is Gymnastics. This will include: balancing, travelling, jumping, turning and using the apparatus. Our PE lessons are on a Tuesday and a Friday afternoon.  



As always, Lions will receive their new spellings on Monday and they will be tested on Friday. Each student will receive 10 spellings per week. In addition, students will practise their spellings each day during a Spelling Skittles session along with a separate spelling lesson.


Home Learning!

Due to the fact that we are now in year 6, Lions will receive weekly homework throughout this year. This will include a piece of English and Maths homework every week. Miss Luker will be running a weekly homework club for anyone who has struggled with their homework for that week or would purely prefer to do it at school during their lunch break.

Homework will be given to the children every Friday and is due back into school by Thursday at the latest. After all, we are only one year away from receiving daily homework at secondary school!