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We are proud of our Science at Woolavington and are very lucky to have an onsite Forest School and beautiful grounds which complement our teaching of this subject.

Forest School

Science at Woolavington is taught through our Edison Curriculum Units and teachers also refer to our "Science Snakes" which link to the National Curriculum. This ensures that each child is taught the key objectives for their Year Group (particularly important for mixed age classes).


In Foundation Stage, Science is part of Knowledge and Understanding of The World however even our youngest children are able to talk confidently about their scientific learning!

Science Snakes and Topic Displays

On week beginning 19th June 2017, we had a whole school Science Week! The focus was mainly SC1 which allowed the children to focus on asking and answering questions about experiments. It also allowed the older children to investigate fair testing.


Some classes researched famous scientists, others linked their Science learning to their current topic. We even had some Science Poetry!


At the end of the week we shared our learning in a whole school Assembly. All the children enjoyed Science week and it allowed us as staff to see how well the children are doing with their scientific vocabulary and which areas we need to improve on.


Please look at the separate class information below for details about their Science Week Learning!

Zebra Class


In Zebra Class we started off the week learning about melting and freezing. It was a particularly hot week so this was very relevant! We made ice boats, predicted how long water would take to freeze and melt and we also timed this. We melted milk and white chocolate then mixed them together to create little chocolate "drops." We set these in the fridge and gobbled them up!

Melting and freezing!

On Tuesday afternoon, we had an experiment afternoon! We created slime, made exploding Wizard's Brew, investigated dancing raisins and did some chromatography.


For each experiment we made predictions and talked about what we had learnt. We also discussed why we thought things we happening.