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Tiger: Year 3/4

Welcome to Tiger Class

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Roque (Rocky) is our adopted tiger

Roque (Rocky) is our adopted tiger 1

Roque is an amazing tiger.  He lives at the Born Free tiger sanctuary in a place called Bannerghatta, in southern India.  Roque, born on 17th May 1998, lives in a big forest enclosure and enjoys exploring.  He climbs over boulders, rolls in sandy soil, and keeps cool in his deep pool.  Roque has a very sad story, but today he gets the loving care he needs.

Roque was only a few days old when he was taken from his mother.  He was put on sale in a pet-shop in Barcelona in Spain.  The tiny cub was scared and lonely.  He was kept in a small glass tank and paced up and down, crying for his mum.  Born Free doesn’t think it is a good idea to keep wild animals as pets.  They belong in the wild and it is very difficult to properly care for them. 

Born Free rescued Roque and brought him to his new home in India.  The cute and cuddly cub has grown into a big and impressive adult.  He enjoys patrolling his territory and investigates the forest and the insects, lizards and small mammals that live there.  His favourite place is beneath a large bush high up on a rocky bank beside his pool, where he gets a great view of the countryside

Roque's Adventures

Roque - the cuddly toy version - sits very happily in Tiger Class with his friend Angus, the Ape. However, he does like adventure.  Over the Easter holidays, he was lucky enough to travel to Vietnam with Evie. Below are some of the photos from their adventures.  Evie bought him his own sampan hat, which he wears with pride

Thanks for taking him Evie - he had great time!

Evie and Rocky in Vietnam

Welcome back to the Summer Term.

We hope you all had a relaxing break. We have a busy and exciting term ahead.


Our Maths learning focus

We will begin this half term looking at measurement, specifically finding the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes. We will then move onto time, looking at both 12 hour and 24 hour clocks, as well reading and interpreting information in tables, including timetables.


Our English learning focus

We will be reading Pie Corbett’s short story: Kidnapped. Pupils will be looking closely at how it is written and the author’s choice of language so that they can write their own suspense story. We will also be learning spellings and our reading comprehension will be focused on finding information, speculating and understanding the author’s choice of language.


Our Theme is…

This term our theme is entitled What happens inside us? This is a science based topic where we will be looking at how exercise affects our bodies, the main organs of the body, as well as the skin, skeleton and muscles. Alongside this, we will look at healthy eating and where our food comes from. 

During the term, we hope to have a healthy food banquet day and a sports experience!  More details to follow soon!



In art, we will be looking at people in action, thinking about proportion and using different materials to create a realistic moving figure.

In French, we will be learning to identify and introduce some family relations, name some common pets and recognise some rooms in the home.





Some photos of our year so far.

Our guitar assembly

Our guitar assembly 1
Our guitar assembly 2


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Our Guitar assembly

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Happy Easter everyone!

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What we will be doing this term.


Our Maths learning focus

We will begin the half term looking at multiplication and division, using different methods, including Singapore Bar Method. We will them move onto fractions and decimals—finding decimal equivalents, as well as solving money and measure problems involving fractions and decimals. We will continue to develop our reasoning skills with daily practice of APE (Answer it, Prove it, Explain it!)


Our English learning focus

We will be reading the book The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene-Catling and using it to write different text types including poetry, persuasive writing, instructions and information texts. We will also be learning strategies to answer comprehension questions, especially inference and deduction.


Our Theme is… Should We Stop Eating Chocolate?

This is a Science and DT focussed topic where the children will investigate reversible and irreversible changes. They will also learn about Teeth and the importance of brushing them. They will conduct market research and design and make their own chocolate product. During the topic they will learn about the history of Chocolate and investigate where in the world cacao trees grow and Fairtrade.

In French, our topic is called ‘All About Me’. We will look at clothes, our bodies and classroom instructions.

Our topic in IT continues to be programming. We will be using Scratch—a programme that is free to install should your child wish to have a go at home!



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We are Tiger Class - Welcome to our Class Page

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Last half term our topic was How do We See, How do We Hear? It was a Science based topic and we all enjoyed taking part in the Science experiments linked to our senses. We tested lots of different materials to decide which material blocked out sound the best. Then we designed and made earmuffs. Here are the results...

All the classes presented a selection of their work in the Great Exhibition last week.


Tiger Class had lots of fantastic work in the exhibition:

  • Their own Tunnel stories
  • APE Maths Challenges
  • Autumn leaf hedgehogs
  • Earmuffs
  • Amazing musical instruments made as part of the Home Learning Challenges.

The Great Exhibition

The Great Exhibition 1
The Great Exhibition 2
The Great Exhibition 3
The Great Exhibition 4

This half term Tiger Class will be learning all about The Romans in our next topic - Romans on the Rampage! Keep popping back to this page to see what the children have been learning.


Mrs Lovell and Mrs Parkinson.