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Zebra: Year 1/2

Welcome to Zebra Class 2017 - 2018

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Welcome to Zebra Class! We are a friendly Year 1 and Year 2 class who love to learn and explore together!

This half term our topic is "Animal Detectives!"

This is a Science based topic in which we will be learning about:


  • How we know if something is living
  • How animals and humans change as they
  • How we can group animals into families and talk about their similarities and differences
  • Our local environment and habitats around the school grounds
  • The effect of humans on the environment and how we can look after our world 
  • Life cycles of frogs and butterflies


Our Maths learning focus...

We will be learning about:

Number and Place Value

  • Counting forwards and backwards from any number to and beyond 100
  • Saying the number that is one more/less than a given number
  • Partitioning numbers into tens and ones and saying what the value is of each number in a 2-digit number



  • Reading, interpreting and drawing tally charts, block diagrams and pictograms


Here are some websites we are using in school to support our Maths learning




Our English learning focus…

In English we are using the story "The Egg" to inspire our story writing. We are going to be making Egg Pets and writing instructions on how to look after our Egg Pets and then how to look after a dragon! Later on this half term we will be linking our English with our Topic and writing information texts about the animals we have been learning about.


Thank you for reading our page!


Miss Yarwood, Miss Godwin, Mrs Long and Zebra Class

Here are some photographs of our learning!