Woolavington Village Primary School

Woolavington Village Primary School


We want to ensure that every child leaves Woolavington Village Primary School with a secure and deep understanding of mathematical concepts and principles; is confident in their application and is fluent in the recall of basic mathematical facts.

Our approach to learning and teaching mathematics is built on the idea of a cumulative curriculum, where concepts and ideas are introduced and explored with all children and time is then taken to ensure a depth of understanding.

Deep understanding cannot be achieved in a hour’s lesson and at Woolavington we ensure concepts and ideas are learnt and then applied. Differentiation is not by content but by depth. Some children will require more practice with a concept; some will need a challenge to apply their understanding of a concept but all will have access to the same key concepts.

Recall of basic facts is considered essential so children have focussed daily sessions called “Fast Learning” to foster fluency and automaticity in recall of maths facts. We also encourage creative, problem solving approaches to mathematics teaching to encourage reasoning and deeper thinking.

For children to be successful mathematicians teachers need to ensure

  • Children have an opportunity on a daily basis to rehearse and recall basic mathematical facts (timetables, number bonds) through the Fast Maths approach.
  • Maths is taught creatively wherever possible to provide context and ensure motivation, challenge and enjoyment.
  • Children are clear about what they will be learning over the course of a unit of work and the different stages that they will encounter. This will mean every classroom has an Maths Learning wall that reflects this journey and is updated frequently.
  • Planning for Maths lessons takes into account the Mastery approach adopted by the school and set out in detail in Appendix as well as the needs of individual children and the expectations of the curriculum for that year group.
  • Teachers are continuously modelling high quality mathematical skills.