Woolavington Village Primary School

Woolavington Village Primary School



To create a culture that encourages all our children to be active and have positive attitudes towards physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

We believe high quality physical education and school sport will contribute to a range of outcomes for our children. Not only does it equip young people with the skills to talk about the effects of physical activity, it also supports their physical development, movement skills and body confidence whilst contributing to their physical, mental and social well-being.

We have high quality physical education as part of the curriculum; enough competitive school sport opportunities for those children who want to take part; a variety of after school sporting opportunities across all ages, as well as increasing children’s understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, prioritising the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating.

Curriculum Sport

Physical Education Lessons

Children experience a range of different sports as part of the physical education curriculum at Woolavington Village Primary School . Each class receives one term of specialist PE coaching, delivered by PH Sports. This allows the sports coaches to work alongside class teachers in delivering Physical Education lessons; thus giving teaching staff the opportunity to receive physical education training ‘on the job’. Subsequently this training can be utilised to teach high quality physical education lessons in the future.

Pupils are taught to use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination; play competitive games and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending. They are encouraged to develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance and perform dances using a range of movement patterns. Opportunities are provided to take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team and this is an area that, as a school, we are looking to develop further.

Curricular sports include; football, multi-skills, cricket, extreme sports, netball, hockey, rugby, gymnastics, dance, rounders, orienteering and athletics.

A new physical literacy programme of exercises for the Early Years designed to teach co-ordination and key motor skills with confidence and to promote social, personal as well as physical development has recently been introduced.


Every child at Woolavington receives swimming lessons for one academic term each year. Our goal is to ensure that each child leaves our school able to swim a distance of 25 metres.

Lessons take place at Burnham pool and are part funded through the Sports Premium grant; this allows us to have 4 qualified swimming coaches for each weekly lesson. Children are taught in ability groups and have the opportunity to gain swimming certificates throughout their lessons.

Leavers 2019:

Amount of year 6 children that can swim 25m: 79%

Amount of year 6 children that can swim with different strokes: 79%

Amount of year 6 children that can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations: 75%

Leavers 2018:

Amount of year 6 children that can swim 25m: 67%

Amount of year 6 children that can swim with different strokes: 74%

Amount of year 6 children that can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations: 67%

Interschool competitions

Woolavington have been involved in a variety of different competitions this year with other local schools.

We have taken part in two swimming galas, a tag rugby competition, and several football matches.

External Coaching

Woolavington have been fortunate enough to receive coaching from a number of highly skilled coaches this year.

We have had Somerset cricket, Yeovil Town football and SASP, to coach our children in Cricket, football and Playground Leader training.