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A new four-legged staff member - School Dog!

After months of planning and extensive research into the benefits of dogs in schools, we have decided to make an addition to our staff team – a school dog! We are welcoming a male, short-haired, black and tan, miniature Dachshund to our school. He will be joining us at the end of May and as well as becoming my pet, he will accompany me to school on a daily basis.


There is now extensive research to show how beneficial it is educationally and emotionally for children to have contact with a dog whilst at school. School dogs provide enjoyment through interaction as well as developing understanding of responsibility, empathy and nurturing skills. Our children here at Woolavington, especially our most vulnerable children and reluctant learners, would benefit hugely from a friendly listener and the calming influence of a dog. Our children already benefit from our ‘calm approach’ ethos in the classroom and we believe a school dog would add to our already calm and nurturing ethos.


Please see the letter sent out to parents on 30 April 2019 for more information. Here are some pictures of our pup with his litter of 4 at only 3 weeks old!