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History Day

On Wednesday 14th November all the classes took part in History Day. The day began with an assembly where we tried to answer the questions:  What is History? and Why is History Important? We talked about being a Historian, using our detective skills to pick up clues which help us to understand about the past. 


Everyone took part in a range of exciting and informative activities throughout the day including researching the History of Lego; tasting Roman food and making Roman mosaics; talking about and handling war time artefacts and investigating the origin of place names in Somerset.


Did You Know? Woolavington is a Saxon name

(Wool – spring,   ing -  group of people,  ton –  enclosed farm)

 so it’s original name meant, ‘water by the farm where people live.’)


I enjoyed popping into all the classes during History Day, it was great to see and hear the enthusiasm the children were showing in their History learning.