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Our School uniform in Zambia!

We arrived back to school last week to find news and photographs of our old uniform stock being received at Cry school in Zambia. The staff and I were overwhelmed by the photographs and response from the school as I'm sure you will be too. We have put the pictures up in the notice board at the front of school but here are a couple to make you smile as much as we did! We have been working with Karen and Megan from the charity Teachers for Teachers who support schools in Africa. Karen sent us this message after delivering the uniform:


"When we arrived at the school the children were really pleased to see us, sang lots of songs and showed us around but when they realised we had clothes for them they got so excited, it is very rare for them to get new clothes and they love to have school uniform. When the bags came out they children all went wild, shouting and climbing around to grab something! Megan and I decided to let the teachers distribute them and we stood back, it was safer! Miraculously after they calmed down somehow the teachers had managed to give each child a piece of school uniform that fitted them and there was enough to go round. We still have no idea how they sorted this out in the mayhem, clearly they have a lot of practice. The teachers absolutely loved the tabards, they were very proud when they put them on as you can see from the photos. All were so grateful for the donation, this is one of the poorest schools in Lusaka with almost no resources so to be given new uniforms was very special for them."