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Science day - Journeys

Today we took part in our 4th Science Day of the year. The theme this time was Journeys. The children took part in various activities ranging from electric art, nature walks and movement. Giraffe Class and Leopard Class looked at the journey of electricity and planes using salt dough to create a circuit. Being such of beautiful week weather wise, Crocodile Class and Zebra Class linked their journeys to nature by looking at insects and plants, recording observations on a nature walk and then creating journey sticks. Tiger Class have looked at the movement of moon buggies across the varying moon terrains. Lion Class looked into different types of pollution and how to reduce it. The children fully embraced the fact that journeys are not just about getting from A to B but are within everything we do and how Science is an ever evolving journey of the pursuit of knowledge. Huge thanks to the children for fully taking part in Science Day and continuing their science journey. Check out our science display outside the hall for pictures!