Woolavington Village Primary School

Woolavington Village Primary School


We are very proud of our Science at Woolavington and are lucky to have a dedicated Science days throughout the year.


Our next event is during British Science Week - 6th March - 13th March

We at Woolavington are delighted to announce that we have a grant to support this week so have a jam packed week ahead of us.

The focus is 'Our diverse planet' so we will be focusing on wildlife diversity, biome diversity around the world and diversity of people. 

The children will be engaging in activities within their classes that support their current topic learning and there will be opportunities to research the outside grounds to discover about the wildlife, what resides there and create different wildlife habitats to support them.

As part of British Science Week, we will be offering the a parent group as part of our 'Encourage the Bees' incentive. We will be creating habitats suitable for our flying friends as we know how important they are for the world. 

Our Future Plans 

We have a jam packed event calendar which includes the Somerset Science Challenge and exciting work with the National Grid - Hinkley Connection Project to support our STEM learning. 

Previous Events 

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