Woolavington Village Primary School

Woolavington Village Primary School

Tiger: Year 5

Welcome to Tiger Class Autumn 2019

Our Teacher is Miss Luker

We follow our 3 Golden Rules:

1. Follow instructions straight away
2. Care for everyone and everything
3. Show respect and good manners at all times 

Please use this page to find out about important Tiger dates, this term's topic, star of the week, spellings, PE, homework, significant news about our class etc. 

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Star of the Week! 08.11.19

Who will be our star of the week this week? We have had such a fabulous week that it could be any one of us!

Joel is our 'star of the week' for improved behaviour and participation in class! Well done, Joel! Keep up the good work. 

Well, What a wonderful start to the new academic year we have had in Tiger class with Miss Luker.

WOW day

On Monday 4th November, Tiger class participated in a WOW day where we spent the whole day learning about carnival and festivals around the world, specifically in India.

We listened to some Indian music, we researched about the different cultures and festivals and we created 'Explosion of Art' pictures using paint in the theme of a given festival/carnival. 

Curriculum Newsletter

Maths Learning Focus

We will be improving our multiplication and division skills through the use of common factors and common multiples, along with learning fast arithmetic skills and improving our mathematical knowledge of number facts. We will then move onto learning about measurements including the use of perimeter and area.

English Learning Focus

We will continue to explore our class novel ‘The Last Chance Hotel’ by Nicki Thornton, focusing on developing our grammar skills and knowledge of punctuation. We will also be focusing on another book this half term that links to our topic of carnival.  By the end of this Unit, we will be able to write persuasively and write a range of discussion texts and hold class discussions and debates.

Our Theme in term 2 is 'Carnival'

During this Unit of Work, we will be focusing on carnivals and festivals from around the world. Our main carnival focuses will be Hindu festivals in India, we will be comparing these festivals and carnivals to the local English carnivals and festivals that we celebrate and participate in.

Linking well with this is our Science focus this term all about light and how we use light.

In PE we will be thinking about some dance routines that would fit appropriately with our carnival theme along with continuing to learn the Samba during our music lessons.

We will also be participating in lots of arts and crafts activities throughout this half term.

Our PSHE theme this half term is 'Celebrating Differences'.

We will be thinking and learning about the different ways in which people are different including looks, cultures, personalities and many more ways. We will be thinking about what the word ’bullying’ actually means. This will link in well to our online safety focus this half term too in order to ensure that ‘bullying’ can also be done online and what things we should do about it in order to help  stop it.

Tiger Home Learning Challenges!

Each half term, Tigers receive a Home Learning Challenge.

Home Learning Challenges aim to link school learning to home learning and provide an opportunity for parents and carers to share their child's school experience by supporting learning at home.

Each Home Learning Challenge will contain a mixture of Maths, English and Topic challenges, designed to enhance each student's learning experience.

In addition, Tiger students are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. Please aim to support your child's development of reading - reading is the gateway to all learning - research shows that the more a student reads, the more successfully they can access the whole school curriculum.