Woolavington Village Primary School

Woolavington Village Primary School

Zebra: Year 1 and Year 2

Welcome to Zebra Class

Our Teacher is Miss Stanbridge

Our Teaching Assistants are Ms Godwin and Mrs Cripwell

We follow our 3 Golden Rules:

1. Follow instructions straight away
2. Care for everyone and everything
3. Show respect and good manners at all times

What have we been up to in Zebra class so far?

WOW day!

On our first day in Year 1/2 we had our first WOW morning. We entered the hall with our clipboards ready to jump into the role of food critics. Throughout the morning we walked around discovering a variety of fruits and vegetables, we even got to try them! After tasting many foods we then had to score and rate them depending on taste and texture. Our WOW day will follow onto the first topic of the term - You are what you eat! What a brilliant first day. 

Farm Link Workshop

In week 2 we had the Farm Link Workshop come into school to tell us all about healthy living. We learnt about different types of nutrients such as: carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, calcium and how they help our bodies. We also worked together to play some games and show our learning. 

Our Maths learning this term

We will be developing our place value knowledge and understanding. We will be doing this by using a range of apparatus such as; bead strings, base 10, number lines and 100 squares to support our learning. We will also be exploring our problem solving and reasoning skills to explain our thinking. 

Our English learning this term

In English we will be using our WOW day to write a recount. We will begin with sequencing events then move on to understand how to structure our very own recount. We will be building the foundations of our writing by practicing sentence structure. We will be particularly focusing on capital letters, finger spaces, using Phonics to sound out words, letters on the line and full stops.

Our Topic learning this term (Autumn 1)

Our topic this term is 'You are what you eat'!

We will start to explore the different parts of the body and how we can look after them. We will identify what healthy and unhealthy means and what we can do to keep ourselves fit. We will be incorporating our topic into our English as well as other subjects. 

Pablo Picasso!

In art we will be focusing on the work of Pablo Picasso. We will enjoy creating portraits in different ways and by using a range of mediums. 

At the end of this theme we are going to celebrate our learning with...

A pop up restaurant to share our learning to parents. 

Your involvement...

Please support your child by:

  • Reading at least 5 times a week. 
  • Completing homework that is sent home on a Friday.
  • Having a go at the Home Learning challenges.